custom Jewelry with meaning

I love working on jewelry that has special meaning.

I want to share the process of working with a mom of four on a custom 14K ring set.

Did you know that I do custom work? I recently worked with a mom of four when she reached out to me to customize a set of rings for her right hand to celebrate her love for her children.

She really liked my tiny birthstone rings but wanted to make it a set of rings she could wear everyday that were simple and easy to put on and would go with anything.

We started with some mock-ups and sketches to help her visualize the options. Once we had an idea of what she was looking for I sent her ring sizers and some plain stacking rings to play around with to see what she liked and what was comfortable. 

Mockups to show how the rings could be stacked and how they would look.

Then it was time to make the rings, she chose 14K gold so she could have these forever and wear them all the time. They also could be heirloom rings that her girls might want to wear when they get older. 

I ordered the gold and started the fabrication process, sending her photos as I progressed.

rings in process on the bench

ready for the stones

And then it was time to set the stones (2 garnet, 1 aquamarine and 1 opal) and do the final polish.

the final set of rings

They turned out lovely and she said she is wearing her grandmother's dainty wedding ring with the set. Perfect! So lovely with so much meaning.

Have you been wanting to celebrate those closest to you? Especially now with everything going on... maybe something customized just for you?

Send me a quick email and let's start the conversation! I would love to work with you on something special that you will truly cherish!

email me.   robyn@rcanady.com

or call me.   678-549-2620

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